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Meet East Analytics

East Analytics was founded by the people whose passion is Asia. For years we have been examining social phenomena, the political and social dynamics in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, as well as, Eastern Europe. In the course of academic and commercial research projects, we were able to collect not only the expertise, but also a professional network of contacts that provide us with expert insight on scrutinized markets. This enables us to help our customers better understand opportunities and threats facing them in Asia.

We gather and analyze information on emerging and developed markets in the widespanning area from Egypt to Japan. Our experts constantly explore local economic and political processes with special attention paid to social and cultural determinants. We use academic standards modified for business advisory requirements with the purpose of gathering and analyzing information. Hence, our services allow you to deepen expertise, reduce risk and strengthen competitive advantage.

About East Analytics

To provide knowledge, inspire and assist in the international development of companies.
We are a company founded by academic researchers passionate about applying original analytical tools.
We analyze risks and opportunities of economic and political environment for business purposes.
Both people with experience on Eastern markets, as well as, students and graduates interested in this issue are encouraged to cooperate with us.

Our skills

Data collection 90
Data analysis 95
Processes forecasting 85
Communication and visualisations 85

The Team

dr Piotr Fudała
dr Piotr FudałaHead of Consulting, Co-Founder
Social scientist focused on Asia, political risk analyst, academic and business consultant. Speaks five foreign languages. In East Analytics Piotr is responsible for consulting projects management and customer relations.
dr Łukasz Fyderek
dr Łukasz FyderekResearch Director, Co-Founder
Political scientist passionate about countries under transition – mostly in the Middle East and South-East Asia. An academic and world affairs commentator. In East Analytics Lukasz is responsible for research and development.
Adrianna Gajczak
Adrianna GajczakMarketing Assistant
Responsible for contacts with clients. Passionate about new media and East Asia. Adrianna has a degree from Asian Studies at Jagiellonian University. Besides other languages, she speaks Chinese.
dr Kamila Junik-Łuniewska
dr Kamila Junik-Łuniewska Senior Researcher - South Asia
Combines the academic knowledge and the experience gained over the years supporting companies on Pakistani and Indian markets. Certified translator of Urdu and Hindi languages. Assistant Professor of Indian Studies at Jagiellonian University.
Filip Gaska
Filip GaskaBusiness Development Manager
Holds widespread experience in Business Development, Operations and Marketing for established brands and ambitious start-ups. He holds an MSc in European Political Economy from the LSE in London. Aside from his native Polish and English, he speaks German and French. At East Analytics, he is responsible for business development and supporting key clients.
Romana Gunkevych
Romana GunkevychJunior researcher
Junior researcher working on risk analysis and market-entry strategies. According to Romana, contrasts make every society distinct, that’s why being a PhD student, her interests include developing countries and economic transitions. Romana is fluent in four foreign languages, including Russian.