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Project Description

Risk in emerging markets

Emerging markets pose great opportunities for the development of a company, where the business environment is much less predictable and more volatile than in mature markets. Often changes in law generate business specific regulatory risks, while linking business and politics pose a political risk. In contrast to the economic risk, risks associated with the policy area are usually discontinuous. Our analysis helps to cope with these dilemmas.

Risk analysis for exporters

Risk analysis for companies exporting to emerging markets focuses on the monitoring of legislative stability, exchange rate risk or reputation risk in the short and medium term.



Risk analysis for investors

Risks facing investors are associated with medium- and long-term prospects for economic growth and political stability of countries. Prospects for business rely on those risks related to micro factors: the sector and the region.

Comparative risk analysis in many countries

For customers considering expansion in Asian markets it is crucial to compare risks in different countries. Such analyses are prepared taking into account the specificities of the sector in the particular region.

Risk analysis for NGOs and the media

Operating in particularly difficult conditions, NGOs and journalists are exposed to risks related to personal safety. These are aimed at risk analysis in conditions of armed conflicts and political instability. political instability.

Risk analysis at East Analytics

Risk analyses are prepared by a team of experts who have a substantial knowledge of the surveyed countries and markets, gathered while carrying out many research projects there. Our competitive advantage are our sources of information in local languages and state of art research methodologies. We work in eleven Asian and four European languages. Our analytical models for forecasting purposes base on 110 indicators related to the economy and politics of the country concerned.