Project Description

Three elements of entry strategy in new markets:

Business environment analysis

We collect information about the relevant sector through desk research, integrating data from quantitative and qualitative researches. We assess the market potential and its growth perspectives taking into account the possible risks. Together with our partner law firms we analyze regulations affecting our customer business activities directly and indirectly.

Identification of competitive advantages

We identify the competitive advantages of the customer products in different markets taking into account the economic and cultural specificity of the market. For precise identification of the preferences of consumers, we employ the CAWI/CATI or focus group methods.

Export actions and instruments

We build sequences of export activities and propose instruments to support them. We provide information necessary to the entire market entry process: from marketing to distribution.

Export development strategies

East Analytics prepares export plans for different kinds of products. These plans are characterized by a high degree of reasonable objectives and actions stemming from in-depth knowledge of counties in which we operate.

Key Factors for Successful Export Performance

In-deph knowledge of local market

Earlier export experience

Competitive product

After-sales product support